St Clare’s Care Home offer a host of activities to enjoy each and every day, including weekends. Musicians, dancers, guest speakers are only part of the story. We also host lots of different clubs and societies – many of them run by and for residents themselves. Bridge, Scrabble, film clubs, gardening, trips to museums, shopping centres or other places of interest…they’re all typical of the events you’ll find on the calendar in a St Clare’s Care Home. Of course, it’s entirely up to you how you spend your time and how many activities you choose to join. But, whether you’re a social butterfly or a more reserved individual, you’ll never be short of ways to pass your time enjoyably at St Clare’s Care Home.

In fact, going to an event is a great way to see for yourself what life is like at St Clare’s Care Home. Find your nearest St Clare’s Care Home to see what’s happening this week. Most events are free and you’re welcome to bring along a friend or relative.

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